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What Are Glass Shelves by Cameo Glass?

Here at Cameo Glass, our prestigious glass shelves are both practical and attractive. They have been designed to stand out as a key feature for your home or commercial premises. Our high quality glass shelves can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and commercial spaces. We provide a standard service as well as a bespoke service, so you can change the height and width of our glass shelves, as well as the aesthetic style, in order to suit your preferences. We offer painted and printed designs on all of our glass shelves. Cameo Glass shelves can be manufactured in clear bronze, grey, blue, and green dependant on your thickness. All of our glass shelves are available from 4mm to 19mm and have highly machine polished edges as standard. We also offer both radius and dubbed corners for decoration, depending on your preference, and for safety in high risk areas. We also offer sandblasting, either on one face or even on the edges if edge lighting is required.

How Do Our Glass Shelves Benefit You?

  • Our glass shelves are resilient, durable, and toughened, so you can guarantee that our glass shelves will last long into the future.
  • Our glass shelves provide flexibility and customisation. They are available in a range of different colours to help achieve the perfect design.
  • Our glass shelves meet the highest grade of British Standard specification.

Why Choose Glass over Other Materials

Here at Cameo Glass, we guarantee that we will meet your needs and preferences; this is why our glass shelves are available in all shapes and sizes. We understand the importance of expressing individuality in a room; we produce glass shelves in a wide selection of standard and bespoke colours to suit your style. Our wide colour range includes British Standard, pantone, Dulux, Ral, ncs, Valspar, Crown, Farrow and Ball, Fired Earth, Paint Library, and Little Green Paint Company.

Why Cameo Glass?

Whether you have your very own design layout, or use a design template from our CNC processing machine, our expert team can make these designs come to life. Our glass shelves can also be sandblasted to achieve a unique design for your premises, and can be customised with a bevel edge.

Our Service

At Cameo Glass, we have our very own in-house factory, so all of our glass shelves are manufactured in one place. Our specialist team uses the most advanced technology and equipment to deliver a wide selection of designs and styles to achieve outstanding glass shelves. To understand what makes our glass shelves truly special, why not order your free sample today and receive it within 5 days (*delivery charges apply). All of our samples come in a large size: 100mm by 100mm.
If you would like to find out more information on your glass shelving options, then one of our professional and experienced glass suppliers can talk with you and offer expert advice. Please give us a call on 01793 513864, or you can use our easy live chat service located on our website.

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