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How to Use Mirrors in Your Home for Stunning Interior Design

A photo of a blank white wall with a round wooden-framed mirror hanging on it, reflecting the decorative curtains that are opposite the mirror, in a crocheted cream style

Mirrors aren’t just functional furnishings for your space. When cleverly used, a mirror can brighten a dark room; can create a focal point for your space; can be used as a piece of art. By


Using Glass Shelves in Your Home

An image of three glass shelves hanging on a plain white wall.

Glass shelves can be used in a wide variety of spaces, including commercial and domestic buildings. Providing a modern and classic look, the specialist team at Cameo Glass has been providing glass shelving for many


How Glass Shower Screens Could Transform Your Bathroom

Image of a contemporary bathroom featuring a modern glass shower screen

Having a nice bathroom is important. You want the place you clean yourself to be … well, clean. You should also feel happy in there, though. You should be able to relax and prepare for


Who Should Consider Fire Resistant Glass?

An image of fire, used here to symbolise the fire resistant glass supplied by Cameo Glass

Here at Cameo Glass, we supply fire resistant glass of the very highest quality. We also understand the implications of what we do; fire can cause catastrophic damage in a great number of environments, so


Choosing Coloured Splashbacks: A Guide to Getting it Right

An image of a printed lime splashback, featuring an image of the fruit on the kitchen wall

Choosing your coloured splashback can be tough. Get it wrong, and you’ll waste a load of money and be left with a wall you can’t bear to look at. That’s exactly why Cameo Glass have