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Mirrors and Interior Design: Bring Your Vision to Life

Posted on: June 26, 2020

Anybody with an interest in interior design knows that a mirror is more than just furniture that allows you to admire yourself before you leave the house. While a mirror does indeed serve a practical purpose, the power that a mirror has to massively enhance a space cannot be understated. Let’s take a look at how mirrors can transform a room into something else entirely.

Well Placed Mirrors Will Breathe Life Into a Room

A mirror offers a range of exciting possibilities that will depend on where you place it in the room. For example, playing a mirror by the window will cause the mirror to effectively double the amount of light entering the space. The mirror reflects the light back out into the room, resulting in bright spaces regardless of the cloud and gloom outside.

Likewise, you can place a mirror in an area of the room that you’re not particularly fond of – or one that still needs work – to avert your guest’s eyes away from it. Speaking of guests, if you place a mirror above a meeting space (above the sofa or dining table, for example), you can make the room feel fuller than it really is!

Perhaps one of our favorite tricks is to place a mirror opposite a window. You’re practically putting another window in your house for a fraction of the cost!

Size and Shape Matters

The larger mirror you have, the greater the effects will be. If you’re looking to massively increase the light entering a room, use a bigger mirror. In the right space, larger than average mirrors can make such an impressive difference.

While square and rectangular mirrors obviously serve their purpose, it doesn’t mean you cannot settle for something a little more unique. Shapes that are not often seen will keep the room alive in people’s minds long after they leave.

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