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How to Use Mirrors in Your Home for Stunning Interior Design

Posted on: April 16, 2019

Mirrors aren’t just functional furnishings for your space. When cleverly used, a mirror can brighten a dark room; can create a focal point for your space; can be used as a piece of art. By working out how to cleverly use mirrors in your home, you can greatly impact the interior design of your space, without having to knock down walls or even grab a paintbrush!


A photo of an opulent kitchen reflected in an oval mirror, with the main point of reflection showing a large electric chandelier decor piece


Using Mirrors to Light a Room

One of the most useful ways to decorate your home with mirrors is to use them to reflect light in ingenious ways, transforming your space and making everything seem brighter and bigger.


A photo of a brightly lit bathroom with overhead lights shining into a wall-sized mirror which also reflects the light from a small window opposite, with art also showing in the mirror that is hung on the walls


The trick to making the most of the light in your room using mirrors is to first identify the current light sources. No matter how little light might be entering a room, placing the mirror in such a way that is facing the light source will help that light reach further points in the space. This might mean your mirror sits on the wall directly opposite the window, or you can also use right-angles to help to allow light into a room. Through careful mirror placement, the light that filters through from a corridor, for example, can hit your mirror at an angle and bounce into your space.

An extra trick in using mirrors to light a room is to place a smaller mirror behind a lamp; this reflects a beautiful illumination into your space and enhances the warmth of the bulb.


How to Use Mirrors in Your Home Decor

If you’re using mirrors in your home as a decoration piece, you can enhance the interior design of your home using more than just the design of the frames. By taking some time to consider the nicest focal points in your room, such as an elegant fireplace or a stunning art piece, you can use a mirror to essentially double to amount of times this point will catch your eye.


A photo of simple home decor featuring a shelf with art on it, and to the left a mirror in a white frame which reflects an art painting which is hung on the opposite wall, above a white sofa


By learning how to use mirrors in your home to extend the number of times that a striking piece is in your line of sight, you can have fewer costs in adding art or features to your home, as you get far more from the pieces that you do invest in.


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