Glass Processing Equipment at Cameo

As a leading Glass Processor UK, we need machinery thats quick, reliable and able to provide the complex processing accuracy that our customers require.


Our Manufacturing Plant

A Purpose Built Glass Production Facility Of 16,000 Sq. Feet

To accommodate the Glass processing machinery within, Cameo has a facility of some 16,000 Sq. Ft. This includes the showroom and offices for the supporting administration and a glass trade sales counter with showroom.

Commercial Facilities

The Glass manufacturing plant is powered by 3 phase electrical throughout, with electrically power gantry cranes with large glass lifting capabilities and High pressure water feeds for the various glass machines. Water is also recycled at our plant.

Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery

Take a quick look at the machinery used at cameo that is used to produce your glass.

To maintain our status as a leading Glass Processor UK, we have continuously upgraded and updated our glass fabrication equipment. This enables Cameo to identify new opportunities, which, in turn, allows us to produce glass at scale for sizable commercial orders while also ensuring the complete fulfilment of domestic and local trade accounts.


Vertical CNC Machines

Similar to flatbed CNC machines, the vertical CNC machine produces various different types of cuts and is used for creating Cut-outs for Shower Glass doors and other complex notches and details.

Glass Drilling Machines

For simple hole drilling we have various tables around the facility. these are time saving rather than programming a CNC, flat glass can be placed and then accurately drilled on these tables.

Flat Bed CNC Machines

We have various types of CNC machines within the facility with a range of cutting and finishing tools and polishing and grinding wheels. Our CNC machines are amazingly accurate

Glass Edging Machines

With 3 Glass edging machines not including the below, we can provide different types of finished for the edges of all the glass and mirrors we produce. From bevelled and pencil to Mitred.

Glass Storage

A full automated glass racking system that will select large sheets of glass when required and deliver them to the cutting table. This machine is automated via the users terminal.

Glass Washing

After processing of your glass, its then thoroughly cleaned, dried and then passed to the lit area to be visually inspected and checked for imperfections and then passed to the Toughening Plant

Glass Washing Machine at cameo glass Swindon


The toughened glass (tempered) plant heats up and then rapidly cools glass to a temperature of 600 degrees. With the Toughening Machine its amazing to watch the process


At the Heart of Cameo lies the new

Systron pro-HD Glass processing Centre.

The Systron proHD is the ultimate in Glass Processing and Cameo have invested in this state of the art Glass Processing machine. Its an all in one glass processing machine setting new standards in Glass Manufacturing with CNC / Waterjet, Drilling, edging and washing all in just one machine. With our professionally trained operators, we produce accurate and precise glass products quickly and efficiently.

To see the capabilities of Our Glass Machinery check out the Video of the Systron proHD in action.

More about Systron

Systron develops and builds high-tech, user-friendly CNC glass processing machines for seaming, grinding, polishing, drilling and cutting flat glass. With individual solutions tailored for ALL-IN-ONE Glass Processing are designed. Special developed Systron TOOLS enable higher feed rates and top polishing quality.

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