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An Introduction into Different Glass Art Techniques

an image of glass art being produced through the method of glass blowing

Glass art is a fundamentally endless medium. The malleability of the material, which starkly contrasts its brittle nature once set, allows artists to utilise it to a variety of outcomes, with myriad techniques. Below, we


How Outdoor Glass Balustrades Can Transform Your Home

A picture taken from above of wooden decking surrounded by outdoor glass balustrades next to a lake

Glass features are generally effective ways to modernize your home. While this is not their sole focus, glass balustrades are particularly effective at adding a modern touch to a building or outdoor space. They look


Bringing Glass Splashbacks Into Your Home

A picture providing an example of Cameo Glass' Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks can make a great addition to your home. Whether they’re for your kitchen, your bathroom, or both, they are perfect for adding a touch of colour and style. Here, we take a look


Why Glass Shower Doors Make a Great Addition to Your Bathroom

Glass shower doors in contemporary bathroom

Glass shower doors are a great way to improve the aesthetics and practicality of your bathroom. Here at Cameo Glass, we’ve talked about glass showers a few times before; we’ve discussed the benefits of using


Bringing Glass Shelving into Your Home

Single glass shelf

Finding new ways to freshen up your home can be tough at times. Creating space and improving aesthetics can be very time consuming and depends almost entirely on personal taste. Back in November, we discussed