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Glass Merchants in Cheltenham

To invest in timeless glassware with Cameo Glass is an investment in a local, family-run business of glass merchants who have been crafting exceptional pieces for the Cheltenham community for over 20 years. The team are not content to rest on their laurels and so are constantly looking for ways that they can improve their skills and be even more innovative and boundary-pushing in their work. In fact, we are renowned as leaders in our industry, championing modern techniques and methods and setting the example for other glass merchants in Cheltenham and across the UK.

We are proud to have worked with a huge roster of both private and commercial Cheltenham customers, our portfolio boasting bespoke commissions as well as the many incredible pieces available in our current catalogue of glassware. Our expert team of glassware merchants is on hand to assist you if you require a unique piece to fit into an unusual space or are in need of glassware that doesn’t conform to standard dimensions.

We here at Cameo Glass absolutely love the way that glassware can transform a room, from a stunning dining room table that wows your guests to an exquisite glass balustrade to open up your space and add an eye-catching feature to the room. Our team is completely hands-on with all stage of the glass making process to ensure that the end result for our Cheltenham customers is truly outstanding. Alongside our glass treatment processes of sandblasting and laminated glass, we also produce pieces such as splashbacks, worktops, shower doors, and mirrors.

Dedicating ourselves to every stage of the manufacturing process and producing everything within our warehouse has allowed us to maintain a low dependence on transportation; this has, in turn, helped us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We believe it is important to always be conscious of the environmental impact of our business and consistently strive to set an example for other glass merchants within our industry.

Since our inception, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in glassware production and, consequently, perfected our techniques and processes to ensure premium quality each and every time. Our glass prints are scratch resistant and boast high-quality resolutions, meaning that you will continue to enjoy your glassware for many years to come without fear of fading or tarnishing.

For trustworthy and dependable glass merchants in the Cheltenham area, your first and only choice should be Cameo Glass. Our showroom offers the perfect environment to browse round displays of our superior products and consult with our friendly and helpful team. Contact us now by giving us a call on 01793 513864 or by completing our query form. For a quote on a bespoke splashback – one of our most popular products – don’t hesitate to use our online made to measure splashback calculator.