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Here at Cameo Glass, we truly believe that each of us has our part to play in fighting climate change. We like to set the example for other glass manufacturers in Cheltenham and the general glass industry by trying to make our procedures and processes as eco-friendly as possible, including using water-based instead of lead-based paint and keeping our transportation requirements to a minimum by producing everything in our own warehouse. Every step we take helps us to protect the environment and, therefore, contribute towards a more eco-sustainable business model.

One of the guaranteed ways that we ensure quality and superior outcomes for our products is to follow the design and manufacturing process every step of the way. From cutting to polishing and more, our highly skilled team retains practical and creative control over every commission that we produce so that we can be confident that our customers are getting the best quality items possible. From mirrors to splashbacks, worktops, and shower doors, you are guaranteed an exceptional piece that cannot be matched by other glass manufacturers in Cheltenham.

Glass is truly a stunning material; non-porous, light-reflecting, and contemporary, glass really stands out as an eye-catching feature of any room. It is exactly because of these features that you can soon tell apart poor quality glass products from those available at Cameo Glass. Whilst our team utilises only the most precise and modern techniques in our manufacturing process, cheaper glass manufacturers around Cheltenham will cut corners in many areas such as the printing stage, resulting in a much less durable product.

No matter if you are looking for glass wall art to liven up your living room or want to introduce stunning glass balustrades into your office space, Cameo Glass have the perfect solution for your needs. We have worked with a huge variety of customers over the years and produced unparalleled results each and every time. Speak to us about our existing catalogue of glass items or consult with the team about a more bespoke order for your unique size and shape requirements.

Cameo Glass was first established in 1994 and, since our inception, we have gone from strength to strength to become a powerhouse in our sector. As a family-run company, we pride ourselves on passing down our skills to the next generation, boasting a passionate team who is dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers. We consistently champion new techniques and methods of glass processing to make sure that we stay at the top of our game.

If one of our products has caught your eye and you would like to see it in more detail, why not head down to our showroom? Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to walk you through our fantastic displays and answer any questions that you may have, just call on 01793 513864 or fill out our quick and easy query form. Don’t forget, we also have an online made to measure splashback calculator if you would like a quick and bespoke quote for our incredible splashbacks.